15th Annual Visit Mesa Basketball Challenge
December 19-22, 2022

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"On behalf of Monarch Sports Arizona & the VisitMesa Basketball Challenge, I applaud the NFHS for allowing its state associations to move forward with the adoption of a 35-second shot clock.  I also feel the decision to mandate state associations to delay said implementation until the '22-'23 season is prudent as it allows schools districts & schools time to purchase equipment, install the shot clocks, recruit staffing, and train individuals to work the clock.  Also, with the additional time, game officials can begin to familiarize themselves with the guidelines of a shot clocks in all situations.

The VisitMesa Basketball Challenge began using shot clocks three years ago and served as litmus test for the AIA as they began to compile data on its benefits.  While initial feedback was a shot clock wasn't necessary, member schools, the basketball advisory committee, head coaches, and Athletic Directors began to see its benefits and responded by advocating for it on surveys, in discussions, etc. 

*With the AIA under the NFHS umbrella, my hope is the state association will listen to its membership and approve use of the shot clock beginning in 18 months."

- Marc Beasley, Monarch Sports